Q & A: Minx Eyelash Extensions

Minx Lashes by Ayse

Q) Why does MCS use Minx Lashes?

A) I wanted to use lashes that were as close to natural human lashes as possible. Minx Lashes are handcrafted from groomed Minks. They are lightweight and fluffy as they are actual hairs.  This gives my guests a velvety natural look and, when applied individually, it makes it almost impossible to tell which lashes are Minx and which are natural.

Q) Who should wear Minx Lash Extensions?

A) Anyone who wants to add definition to her eyes, wants more volume, or extended length. I have guests ranging from doctors to stay-at-home moms and all of them love their lashes. I find Minx extensions are great for my busy guests.  For instance, you can go to the gym and not worry about runny mascara eyes, yet you still have the dramatic definition mascara normally provides. I can create a more “Hollywood look” by adding longer lashes or a “flirty look” by adding length to the lashes at the end of your lids. Working with Minx, I can give the volume and length my guest has been desiring.

Q) How often should a person have her lashes filled in?

A) Most of my guests come in every 2-3 weeks for a little fill. This is because everyone’s lashes have a natural shed cycle of about 90 days. Of course, they don’t all fall out at once; however, there may be a time when there is a little more shedding than the week or days prior due to stress or even allergies.

Q) Were any Minks harmed in the collection process?

A) Minx stands by its promise that it uses only hand harvested hairs. Meaning the hairs are collected by gently brushing the Minks, then the hairs are sanitized and cut to the appropriate sizes using the natural curve of the hairs.

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